S s (sun)

s = /s/

Initial position(首):
• (CVC words) sad, sag, sap, sat, set, sip, sis, sit, six, sob, sod, son, sub, sum, sun
• sand, sandwich, sandal, sang, sax, safe, sage, sake, sale, same, save, said, sail, say, salt, sauce, saw, self, sell, seven, send, sent, sea, seal, see, seed, seek, seem, seen, seep, sick, silk, sill, silver, sing, sink, sieve, since, sign, side, size, sigh, sight, surprise, sock, soak, soap, soar, sore, sour, south, sound, soul, soup, sort, sow, sew, so, song, soft, soil, sound, soon, soot, some, sum, such, supper, sung, sunk, sugar, super, sue, suit, surf, serve, sir

Final position(尾):
• (CVC words) gas, yes, bus
• gas, pass, lass, glass, less, mess, dress, this, kiss, miss, bliss, circus, octopus, moss, boss, loss, toss, house, worse, nurse, purse, us, plus

Sometimes the s sounds like /z/: is, was, his, he's, does, ease, tease, rise

Suffix 字尾 -s:plural 複數 (-s), 3rd person present tense singular 第三人稱單數 (-s), possessive 所有格 (-'s), contraction 縮約形 (-'s)

• -s sounds like /s/ after voiceless consonants(在無聲子音之後):giraffes, cuffs, laughs, backs, takes, parks, books, caps, shops, jumps

• -s sounds like /z/ after voiced consonants and vowels(在有聲子音和母音之後):bags, legs, dogs, bugs, bills, girls, teams, rooms, beans, learns, leaves, pays, chairs, tears, bees, trees, boys, buys, ties, goes, knows, cows, flowers, managers