es fishes 不同種類的魚複數;也可是第三人稱單數,動詞字尾所加的 es [Card #9; 字卡第9張: 第6個單字, 字母組合發音 es]

• es: used for third person sigular verbs (she fishes, he mixes, it buzzes)(第三人稱單數,動詞字尾所加的 es)

• The plural of fish is usually fish, but fishes has a few uses. In biology, for instance, fishes is used to refer to multiple species of fish.(fish 單複數同型; fishes 是指不同種類的魚。)

ending nouns (plural) verbs (3rd person)
ashes, dashes, flashes, radishes, splashes, washes, dishes, fishes, wishes, bushes, pushes, brushes cashes, mashes, smashes, trashes, fishes, finishes, rushes, pushes
ranches, arches, benches, beaches, peaches, inches, riches, bunches, touches teaches, reaches
batches, patches, latches, matches, watches, sketches, itches, switches, stitches catches, matches, watches, fetches
-ss classes, glasses, masses, passes, presses, kisses, dresses, crosses passes, kisses, misses
-s  gases, lenses, biases, buses  
-x axes, taxes, boxes, fixes, mixes, foxes fixes, mixes
-o heroes, tomatoes, potatoes goes
-z quizzes buzzes, freezes

y > -ies
Words ending in -y preceded by a consonant: change the y to i, and add "es".

• Nouns: families, babies, ladies, parties, enemies, berries, cherries, lilies, cities, histories, dictionaries, victories, theories, spies, flies, replies, varieties, stories, countries, buddies, puppies, duties, beauties

• Verbs: carries, cries, tries, relies, denies, studies, hurries

Words ending in -f: replace -f with -v, then add "es".
shelf (shelves), leaf (leaves), loaf (loaves), wolf (wolves), yourself (yourselves)

Words ending in -fe: replace -fe with -v, then add "es".
knife (knives), wife (wives), life (lives)